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Automatic Traffic Boom (Apollo)

Automatic control of vehicle entry and exit, either automatic with card reader, control or manual. Ideal for shopping mall parking, factory and businesses where the flow of vehicle traffic is high and requires quick entry and exit times.

With a solid modular construction and easy installation low on maintenance it can be used in all weather offering reliable service at lower cost.

Operating width & time: 3 to 6 meters with an open time of approx. 2 seconds and close time of 2 seconds

Boom: Degreased, powder coated extruded aluminium, white background with red reflective tape. (Articulated boom available on request)

Drive Mechanism: 32 Watt torque motor driving a diametrically opposed linkage system with non bounce limit restrictions, complete sub assembly mounted on base by means of 4 fixing bolts.

Designed by Tyrone's IT Services.