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Mercury Flat Pack Access Booth

The Mercury Flat Pack Booth has been designed and developed following the successful flat pack method of assembly by Scandinavian countries. The precision built sections can be bolted together on site by 2 semi skilled personnel in 2 hours.

The sections are pre-glazed with 6mm laminated glass and are fitted with Maglocks, L.E.D's and transmitter/receiver sensor. The doors are pivoted top and bottom with stainless steel bearings.

Microprocessor Controlled 2 Door Interlock Unit

The equipment consists of an interlock controller housed in a lockable steel enclosure and a remote push button / LED control station. A 12V 7A/H Battery backup power supply is incorporated for operation in the event of a power failure.


Both doors are normally closed and locked with the red door status lights illuminated. Door 1 is unlocked using the push button station, card reader, key switch etc.

The lock is released and the green door status light is illuminated. Door 1 is opened and the person enters the interlock. Door 1 now closes and locks. Door 2 automatically unlocks and the green door status light is lit. The person now exits through door 2. Door 2 then closes and locks completing the cycle. The operation is identical for persons exiting through door 2 then door 1.

Transaction time: ± 8 Seconds.

The booth is made up of Natural anodised aluminium sections with 6 mm laminated glass

Weight: 160 K.L.G

Size:  800mm square x 2200mm High.


Designed by Tyrone's IT Services.